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Good looking males working as a potential gigolo or male escort? Furfill wishes of beautiful females, guys or couples all over the world with our new concept & exclusive way for dating only high end business women.

The Profession Of A Male Gigolo

Welcome to the website of Work as Gigolo. A perhaps new start and oppertunity to become a well desired male gigolo for females all over the world such as United states, Europe & much more. Our website is purely focussed on providing basic & realistic information on the profession of a male gigolo, or simply put male escort. What does it take and what can you expect to start working as a companion for females? And who are the females in particular who book males for their services or time? And do you even stand a chance in this overwelming market of dozen's of even free wannabe gigolo's? We will try to answer as much of these questions as wel can and provide you a solid start to begin with.

Being a gigolo is'nt about being a stud in between the sheets. It's not about banging a dozen of females either. So if this was your idea with being a gigolo we kindly ask you to forget about it right now as it is a true misunderstanding. Just as males can book escorts, females have their needs to and primarily due to their lifestyle or perhaps a stranded marriage have the need to find, meet and date with new people. For some it's not so simple to just go to a public place, bar or meet someone due to their perhaps busy lifestyle. A female can have a certain chrush on some type of men and because of that book gigolo's on regular basis. We will help you in how to profile yourself and how to attract females that book gigolo's.

New! Training or Course as a Gigolo?

Yessir - recently we start to provide training and courses to become a male gigolo escort. This will be organised in Holland (The Netherlands) and contains a 5 hour course including lunch, practical training & much more. The costs are € 499 excl. VAT and is a absolute must for those who seek to work as a gigolo. For more info please surf to for terms & conditions, and to signup. You will get a response fast with available dates in where you can join this course. It is 100% real and good looking or talented males there could be a extra addition to it!

Understatements Of The Job Gigolo

Gigolo is more then just intimate obviously. Where some really value time spend together such as romance, theater, discovering or exploring a new city, or even go on holliday as a companion on demand, others are pretty straight forward and want to get it on with a hot looking man money can buy. The reasons to booking gigolo's by female's can be very diverse. What is important to know is that this is all about presentation. You put yourself out on the net, and you attract certain females with your "business card" in the form of advertisements or your own website. It does'nt make any sense to post pictures with sensible parts since that will chase away any female that even notices your advertisement as a male escort.

Taking your time, listening to the female, and have understanding, compassion and learn how to "love" in particular. It is a few of the important keys that make a gigolo succesfull. Only 10% of the time spend is really in between the bedroom, where the rest of the time is all about the female and her having a good time. You'll also note that, not just females tend to book gigolo's but there could be occasions where couples have a desire to hire a professional male escort, without the risk of actually falling in love or disruptions in the relationship. This does'nt mean you have to be bisexual, it could be perfectly possible to furfill a sexual wish of a couple seeing them with another (bed) partner. Having certain skills is mandatory as well.

Training As A Gigolo

Becoming a gigolo out of the blue is'nt something you do that quickly. It requires training, and perhaps a few courses in order to make practice perfect. As a male gigolo your up for high standards and you'll get the chance to meet females all over the world who are willing to pay you for your time. With our website we offer the basic of info in terms of getting started and to furfill many women's dreams about booking & dating male escorts. For becoming a succesfull gigolo, a daily workout, healthy food, personality development psyche and lots of practice is mandatory. There's quite some literature available based on this subject and it will help you moving forward in your carreer as a male gigolo. Afterall you did end up on our website.

When you talk about skills in the bed, it would be good or at least required to have some knowledge about pleasing, foreplay and eventual action. We're not saying you should be a A Class male pornostar but knowing how to give pleasure in a sensual way is more important then the hardcore way of intimacy. Most females who book gigolo's is'nt about pure sex only. Sex is really a 10% part of the game. And yes, you might experience females who have bin left behind in stranded marriages or relationships. It can be a opening up experience for both. What matters is respect and furfilling your partners desires and wishes. It can happen that upon a first few dates, intimacy is'nt even happening or not even required. Making fun is more important.

Condition & Bed Performance?

Obvious, there are females who book gigolo's and would like to make out for even hours. Also couples on which the woman has a extreme high desire prefer men not only largely sized but one who knows how to perform and extend their orgasm. Wether it is intimacy in different positions or perhaps even a threesome as some females really prefer. As a male gigolo safe sex is another important aspect. There will be a time or moment with females that they truely will fall in love with you. As a professional gigolo this could be something very difficult to deal with. When you do fall in love with one of your own clients, are you able to continue your job as a professional male escort? Or do you give up and be with the women you like?

As easy as it might seems, the profession of a gigolo might be more difficult then people think. With our website you'll find the most basic information and knowledge to get started as a gigolo. We offer the ability to signup by using our website but also to explore more such as becoming a webcam model for males or couples willing to provide their time virtual with paying customers. This offers another discreet benefit of making money online while waiting for new female clients. Check it out on our website for more info and subscribe. Be sure to save our website for future updates as well because we do have interesting content in the nearby future! When you signup we will threat you discreet and within 24 hours a response.

Male Escorts Wanted by Gigolo Agency's

There are quite alot of male gigolo escort agency's that provide male gigolo's for women and couples. Working as a gigolo at a agency is possible as well if you prefer not to take all the advertisement and planning that comes with working as a independent gigolo. There are nummerous gigolo escorts out that and agency's do recieve over 6000 applications a year for males who want to work. The thing is it is'nt an easy task and the latter is high. If you prefer making love with women then we suggest booking with escort agency's. These provide females at your location up to 24 hours in your house or hotel and more important meet open-minded girls where you can practice your skills as a performing gigolo.

We highly recommend which is a leading escort agency in amsterdam the Netherlands. For countries like Germany we advise you to take a look at and for belgium we pinpoint you to All escort service's in respect provide females for bookings, this is not a place to get hired as a male escort or gigolo or look for a job. Working as a gigolo can be fun but performing when you need to can sometimes be a very difficult task. Other then that on dates as a gigolo it is important to focus all your attention towards the female. This is what being a gigolo is for in the first place. Girls or females pay for male companionship. Being rude, disrespectfull or having bad jokes is'nt part of that.

Wrapping a Job as Gigolo for you up

As you might understand, working as a gigolo is'nt just "making love" to women; much of them require or need various aspects such as time, care, love & much more. You have to be a very good and diverse male escort that offers his time or companionship to other females who are willing to pay for another one's time. Read our tips and make your own formula in regards of female dating. You can Signup using our website and get a response within 24 hours (If your application is interesting enough!) - the bar is high. There's lots of competition by other good looking male gigolo's all over Europe. We have also recommendations for you below our website, to check out if you want to know more. We have you covered in regards of working as gigolo.

The job as a gigolo can be very diverse. You'll meet single women but also couples who have the erotic desire to legally interact with another male. It does'nt mean you have to perform bisexual actions, often the partner just enjoys watching. Please know that when you perform sexual services for a living to always use safe utilties such as condoms and such. Test yourself on a regular basis to prevent any nasty suprise. Watch the above video to get an impression of how other male escorts do it in this profession and perhaps it's a new start or carreer for you. Take a look at our recommended agency's or suggestions as well for more inside information. When you apply using our website your privacy is always covered. Have fun!

Private Sex Party's as a Gigolo

You'll notice that, once you get traction working as a gigolo you'll get booked by often couples who seek another male escort to please their women. It is common to join these elite and disclosed sex party's or events where multiple couples, females and everything attend to to have sex in a group basis. These sex party's are extremely populair and difficult to get in to. However if your making a name out for yourself as a male gigolo you have the chance to start joining these party's. We strongly not advise for male gigolo's to use substances like viagra or prep substitutes. We've seen cases where after 10 years of abuse, the little man's having a hard time to even get up. The penis is fragile in that regard and not designed for constant stiffness.

We advise you to perform longer or better to read up on the various topics that are available on the internet. Healthy lifestyle is key and giving your pleasure stick it's deserved rest & breaks is important. As you go along working as a gigolo you'll be suprised the people you will meet in this business. Finding love as a gigolo might be possible too, but our advise is to stay professional. Regular check on STD's as the risks with lots of sexual contact are real. Furthermore we recommend you scrolling below for the selection of websites which we highly recommend. For applications see our signup page. It's worth a shot!

Making a Living as a Male Gigolo

It is no secret that alot of good & attractive men do actually make a financial living out of their profession. It sounds strange but there is a audience of such paying females who would love to be taken out and have fun, pleasure for the two at any and often random moments you can imagine. The work as a gigolo is a well respected & well paid job if you do happen to have the right clients. Joining an agency is within the range of options as well to start growing experience as a male gigolo. If you already plan to start working independent, perhaps consider your own website, marketing and everything around it. We highlight this under "Start a career today" below with more information on this subject.

Last but not least as a good looking stud or someone who knows their way with women or couples on a gentle and respectfull side there's defenitly money to be made in this competitive & amazing business.

Please Beautiful Females as a male gigolor

Please Females as Gigolo

A misunderstanding that women who book gigolo's are out for pure lust. Not true. Females like to be spoiled, recieve gifts or compliments, made feel special but also with a genuine heart or meaning to it. This is what makes a gigolo succesfull in the way their approach to females is. If you are out to become a high class or excellent gigolo a few certain (good) books are well worth the read. Also having your clothes, the way you look and the way you dress or use parfum for that instance plays a large role. If you would like to get field experience, dating is the only way forward in order to become a succesfull gigolo internationally. Starting with a good website, professional photo's and genuine text and / or content is a good start. You might want to advertise yourself on great places.

Romantic Dates as a gigolo with women and more

Romantic Dates & More

Once you managed to established yourself as a male gigolo the thing is all about doing dates. Dates will bring you in touch with females and it is the only way to bring practice to a real encounter. Be patient, listen to your date and not just compliment or be too cliche but try to interact as a real human being. Knowledge of the most common things to fire up a conversation on various levels helps too. Females like to be endulged, spoiled and made feel special. Being rude, disrespectfull or having zero to none emphaty over another is'nt really a good thing and you might question yourself if being a professional gigolo is really your thing or just a little fantasy. It takes hard work and experience with various females in order to become succesfull as a male & best paid gigolo.

Business and Private Women often book gigolo's

Business & Private Women

As you go along in your career as a gigolo you'll meet various people all over the globe. The best clients for a gigolo are obviously the business oriented females but also private woman who live a too busy of a lifestyle to even engage in relationships or any of that. Dating apps and such are'nt always the best sollution to this as most men are rude and out for only one thing. Toxic relationships is also a big no go and thats why you'll find women more and more choosing for professional gigolo's. European and international males or even boys at the age of 18 and above are populair. There's also a market for gay gigolo in where gay men can actually book and organise dates with good looking and charming boys. Our website aims to bring these people together discreetly.

Start a career as a gigolo

Start a career Today

If you want to start as a gigolo, a good appoach would be professional photo's, a nicely matching website and obvious the right marketing to attract that what you are looking for. Being in the picture is what this is all about. Dont be affraid to do a press interview as a male gigolo once in a while. It might attract the attention of females or business women in general and you can get yourself a nice thing going on for yourself. We've seen quite some amount of times that people who advertise themself for females, have absolutely no clue or idea on how to even start. Dont be like these folks who believe that nude pictures of discreet parts is the way to go. We bet that 99.9% does'nt even understand the true concept of gigolo.

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At Work as Gigolo we set the bar in regards of quality & style. Feel free to bring us a visit for more info on the subject of Gigolo's in Europe and perhaps we have a serious spot for you. The website adress is and provides you a good base to understand the market.

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